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The Rebel

Yes, it is blown up. And no I didn't do it on our shared flat balcony. Our music alone is enough to, let's say, entertain the neigbours. Imagine if I would blow up a metal sheet...

The Rebel is an intriguing artwork created using a 3 x 2 metre aluminium sheet. I crumpled the sheet by hand, using my body to give it a unique texture. Then, in a controlled manner, I collaborated with an explosives expert to blow it up. This explosion created two holes in the sheet, which I decided to fill with paintings to create a striking contrast.

If you take a closer look at the artwork, you'll notice a depiction of a screaming woman in one of the paintings. This image adds a powerful element to the piece, as it almost seems like she herself caused the holes through her own force and intensity.

What fascinated me about this project was the use of explosives, typically associated with negative events, to create something visually beautiful. It was also incredible to witness the sheer power of the explosion. By incorporating the screaming woman into the composition, it adds an additional layer of meaning and suggests a connection between her emotional expression and the impact she had on the artwork.

300 cm x 200 cm x +- 40 cm

Price on request

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