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Neil Alden Armstrong was the first human to ever set foot on the moon on July 21st, 1969.
But why?
Why couldn’t it have been a woman?
Why couldn’t it have been a Person of Color?
Or both?

The moon landing was over 50 years ago. Back then, racism, sexism and gender inequality were part of everyday life. Today a lot has changed for the better, which makes me happy. But these characteristics are still deeply rooted in our society. We must change this. Together. For good.

„Moon“ is a statement against all these very characteristics.

For every human being that still isn’t treated fair in this world.

For equality and progress

And most of all,

How it all began

The project was created last summer. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing I asked myself why the first man on the moon was a white man. I am not someone who sees racism, sexism or gender inequality in every detail. Nevertheless this question led me to ask my good friend Joanita Sidi, artist and dancer from Zurich, if she would like to be part of this project. That is how "Moon" came into being. The video shows a dark-skinned woman re-enacting the first steps on the moon. The moon is represented by a 270cm x 205cm acrylic painting, which I made myself on wood. The song in the background was also produced by myself by the artist name Uzual Suzpect.


This project was definitely one of the most intensive I have done so far. It was exhausting and tiring but above all, it was beautiful. The hundreds of hours of work until late at night have left their marks, but I think the dark circles around my eyes should be gone by 2021 at the latest.
I am very happy for the collaboration with the artist/dancer Joanita, who delivered her performance perfectly on the painting.
Also Florian Herzog, who captured the moments perfectly on video and cut them together ingeniously, was a great enrichment for the project.


The technique of making the painting was one of the biggest challenges. The painting is almost three meters tall, which is pretty challenging to spray-paint.

Spraypaint colors that fulfill this conditions aren't really good for the human skin.

So in the end I decided to take a special water based color, that ist thick enough to cover the wood but also thin enough to spray.

Maaaany attempts followed

Some more successful

Some less successful



The Day

Me, Moon.jpeg
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