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Iris Green Half Dark  LOW.jpeg
Iris Green in the Dark 2023
The human eye is fascinating, functional and unparalleled in its uniqueness. A wonder of nature. So rich in expression that any word just seems paltry and insignificant in comparison. It transports emotions and feelings and enables us to perceive and appreciate the beauty and complexity of the world around us.
Iris Green Concrete Less Colour LOW.jpeg
Iris Green 2023
Iris is a unique fusion of art and functionality — a captivating lamp that pays tribute to this masterpiece of nature. Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, Iris combines aesthetic appeal with durability. Its subtle portrayal of the eye, customizable colors, and advanced LED technology make it a versatile and impressive smooth lighting solution. Each lamp is individually handcrafted to ensure perfection, while the specially designed mounting system allows for easy installation. Iris creates an ambiance that captivates in hotel lobbies and private spaces alike. With its innovative design, technical excellence, and outstanding quality, Iris is an inspiring and visionary artwork that leaves a lasting impression.

Inspired by the captivating beauty and anatomy of the human eye, the Iris project combines art and functionality. Meticulously crafted, the lamp replicates the precise ratio between the iris and pupil, resembling an average human eye. The black chrome finish on the pupil allows for a reflective surface, enabling viewers to see themselves in the part of the eye responsible for vision. This design element adds a philosophical dimension to the artwork, inviting contemplation.
Iris Blue Half Dark Compr..jpg
Iris Side Kopie.jpeg
Iris Blue close compr.jpg
Iris Blue 2023
The Iris wall lamp measures 92cm in diameter and 12cm in depth. The outer shell has a diameter of 92cm, while the inner shell has a diameter of 38cm. Additionally, a version measuring 180cm x 25cm is available. It is crafted from hand-formed aluminum and features a fully painted finish. The suspension system is made of aluminum and steel. The light source consists of an integrated LED strip within the mounting bracket, which can be customized to offer colored lighting options upon request.
Fabian Bolliger Works Salone Satellite 2023 LOW.jpeg
Iris Blue and Iris Pink in the Studio 2023
5'200 CHF
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