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Midnight City Shades

Do you always do the right thing?

How long can you overcome temptation and when do you become a sinner?

Where ist the line between temptation and devotion?

And what does count as a vice?

These questions are the beginning of the Midnight City Shades project.

This work aims to look at exactly these questions from various angles. Many a night is questionable with respect to ethic, moral and responsibility. But it is usually nights like these that are unforgettable even though it may not be explained by logic or reason. Are they unforgettable or unfortunately  unforgettable? Or are we just not able to remember anything anymore?

Midnight City Shades consists of exactly 15 different main angles which allows it to be viewed from any angle. I have carefully chosen every single angle and they are all related to me or one of these nights.

The shape is downright ice cold and uncompromising which is underlined by chosen materials. The outer encasing of the furniture is intentionally coated with aluminium and contains five different angles. Furthermore, the furniture legs are made of steel. Thus the tough and cold lines of the outer shell and feets can be felt haptically.

The striking orange frame guides the focus to the painting/door. The interior is also characterised by orange contours and details. The furniture's surface is spraypainted dark grey supermatt saphire.

The planning of this piece was particularly challenging as function still is more important than design. Also various elaborate details were associated with great efforts.

The painting on the furniture door itself shows a city blurred during super high speed. Like in space, everything moves at extreme speeds in all directions. Well, just what you get from an ethically, morally and responsibly questionable night.

And so I still ask you,


Do you pull this off untill the end, or are you about to run home?



Width = 420 - 500mm                            Height = 1120 mm                             Depth = 300 -350 mm

8100 CHF


Width = 420 - 500 mm

Height = 1120 mm

Depth = 300 -350 mm

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