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Mystical Connection

A few years ago on my first trip around the world, I had an encounter with a local Vietnamese man. Tired from the long motorcycle ride, I reached a small house almost in the middle of the night. In front of the house there was a man sitting and drinking beer.
Immediately I introduced myself in English. Unfortunately he didn’t speak english. So a conversation wasn’t possible because of the language barrier. So we were kind of forced to drink beer and tried to communicate with hands and feet.
Even though we hardly understood each other, there was somehow a connection from the first second. The whole mood, his blue lighting around the house and the atmosphere of the night, made this moment very mystical and strange. But at the same time very peaceful and beautiful.

"The further you go,

the closer you get"

Sideboard in Dark Grey combined with Blue, Orange, Brown (All spray painted).

Door spray painted, scratched with drilling machine and chisel.

Price on request

length = 1820mm                      height = 670mm (420mm)                        depth = 420mm

length = 1820mm

height = 670mm (420mm)

depth = 420mm


Price on request

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