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Exploded Mirror
The 1.3-meter large round artwork "Black Mirror" invites the viewer to move themselves to a different stage of reality. You see yourself while everything around you seems to be exploding. The mirror challenges us to become aware of our own fragility and vulnerability while also asking us what is happening in the world around us.

Perhaps it is a reflection of modern society, which is characterized by violence, destruction, and uncertainty, as we contemplate ourselves in the midst of all these tumultuous events. Or it is an invitation to focus on the beauty and hope that still exists everywhere in our world, even if it sometimes hides behind the deepest abyss.

The mirror is handmade and made from an aluminum sheet that has been crumpled by hand and then detonated using a blasting cord. The mirror itself is made from a mirrored, darkened glass.
There are Versions in different colour combinations.
Exploded Mirror 2 LOW ohne vigniette2_edited.jpg
Exploded Mirror 3 beschnitten.jpeg
Detail Mirror.jpeg

1300mm Ø x 150mm

5'500 CHF

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