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Needs! Needs?

From the first impression, the 36 columns of light projected on the wall behind the furniture are striking. The front with the painting is brought into focus by an LED strip, which is milled to 6mm. On the one hand, the image shows big luxury brands and the comments on their Instagram pages, where people shout their need for the latest Gucci bag. On the other hand, it features a girl painted in "Banksy" spray technique on her way to fetch her daily water - a very different yet much more important need that contrasts with our consumerism craze. The sideboard itself offers enough space for various objects and has two interior drawers, which are especially striking because of the many details. The pink aluminum rods and a Swarovski stone provide additional contrast.

Width = 2600 mm                            Height = 450 mm                             Depth = 450 mm


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