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This very modern and simple wardrobe offers space for up to 26 pairs of shoes and countless dresses and jackets. What I especially love about this piece is on the one hand the special hexagonal shape, which takes the hardness away in a sophisticated way and expresses a very modern style in a playful way.
On the other hand, working with copper has inspired me a lot. The combination of the most modern white supermatt lacquer and the copper looks incredibly fitting, bright and friendly.



The wardrobe is coated on the inside with copper leaf and spraypainted supermatt white on the outside. An additional layer of lacquer on the inside provides protection. The two holders of the clothes rail are branches from the Swiss (Baden) deciduous forest. The clothes rail itself is a copper pipe, which is also lacquered.
For a perfect levelling, furniture feet are mounted below which can be easily adjusted in height.


The Materials

length = 1420mm                          height = 2000mm (450mm)                          depth = 500mm


length = 1420mm   

height = 2000mm (450mm)  

depth = 500mm

Price on request

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