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Art and Design or Art Design?

Fabian Bolliger was born in 1995 in Baden Switzerland.
Instead of watching Netflix or doing sports, he spends most of his free time, sketching, building designer furniture and painting abstract art. By combining two of his biggest passions, he creates unique artpieces that dissolves the line between design and art. His works are mostly modern art-furniture, art- and light installations, abstract paintings and sculptures.

Fabian never was atrracted by making money quickly and easy at a bank or insurance company. He realised at an early age that sitting in front of the computer all day long evaluating Exel spreadsheeds or fill out some boring paperwork was not the meaning of Life for him.
To be able to work with his hands and at the end of the day be able to see the results was what he Loves and what brought him into carpentry. Already at the beginning of his carpentry apprenticeship he realised how well wood can be processed. How it can be combined with other materials and how he can create simply sharp and straight or playfull abstract forms.


After a succesfull apprenticeship, one of the most important and formative times of his Life has began. After working for different companies to get some practice, he felt that it was time to follow his dream. His dream of finding the end of the world. With 21 years he left Switzerland with a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia for the first time. Getting to know a completely different culture was what he was looking for. To see how they work and how they create huge things with almost no tools has inspired him. He was able to talk with the people about art and started dealing with art. He experienced the love and patience they have for their art and realised the similarities with his carpentry work. That was the moment when his desire for indipendence was born.

IMG_2035 (1).jpg

"inspiration comes barefoot"   Vietnam 2016

IMG_2082 (2).jpg

"A gentleman with a welding machine"  Vietnam 2016

Two years later back in Switzerland, he tried to capture all this moments and feelings and express them in a unique way. In the last years he has acquired a special varnish and spraypaint technique. He works with different color layers, scratches them off with different  carpentry handmachines, wood and more. Then, by using his abstract art in his furniture, he is able to tell a story with a furniture and gives each artwork a heart and a soul.



2021   Nominated for the Formforum Masterpiecetalent Prize, Bern Switzerland


2021   XOXO - Art meets Design Exhibition, Druckerei Baden


2021   Collectors Club Exhibition, LORA Restaurant Basel

2021   Formforum Ateliertage, NEEDS! Needs?

2021   Galerie 1489 Baden, Switzerland

2020   Fuori Salone, Milano Italy. Representing the swiss design district (Digital, Covid)

2020   Artbox Galerie Project 2.0, Zurich Switzerland



2021   Raum und Wohnen Magazin

2021   Faces Lifestyle Magazie

2021   Wohnrevue Magazine, Switzerland

2021   Das Ideale Heim Magazin, Switzerland

2021   Meter Magazin, Switzerland

2021   Badener Tagblatt, Switzerland

2021   Rundschau Nord und Süd, Switzerland

2021   Brugger Generalanzeiger, Switzerland

2021   Reussbote, Switzerland

2020   Mis Magazin, Switzerland


2018 - Today   Part time, Carpenter with focus on furniture and installation at Barnetta AG

2017 - 2018     Mountain Apartment Conversion Davos, Private Client

2014 - 2017     Carpenter with focus on furniture at Bruggisser AG

2010 - 2014     Aprenticeship in Carpentry at Bruggisser AG


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