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Art and Design or Art Design?

Welcome to my world of furniture and art, where every piece comes to life with a captivating story and a touch of soul. I'm Fabian Bolliger, born 1995 in Baden Switzerland, a Swiss designer, artist, and carpenter, driven by a passion for creating unique furniture and artwork. My creative process is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of my life's experiences, primarily drawing inspiration from my extensive travels, cherished moments, and the array of emotions and feelings that color my existence.

I believe that every object should have its own tale to tell, making it truly special and one of a kind. As I blend abstract art with furniture design, I bridge the gap between creativity and functionality, infusing everyday objects with a profound sense of artistic expression. My craft is guided by a unique painting technique, where I apply and remove layers of varnish with precision, using various carpenter tools. This artistic process takes on a life of its own, especially when I work with wood, steel, and aluminum, resulting in creations that seamlessly integrate into my furniture and objects, offering limitless possibilities.


As a devoted carpenter and craftsman, I take personal ownership of every project, from its very conception to its final execution. Each piece that leaves my workshop carries not only my heart and soul but also the wisdom and expertise amassed throughout the years. With a relentless commitment to quality, function, and uniqueness, my work culminates in masterpieces that bring joy and beauty to your space. Beyond crafting distinctive furniture, I also breathe life into paintings, lighting fixtures, light installations, and art installations.

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"inspiration comes barefoot"   Vietnam 2016

IMG_2082 (2).jpg

"A gentleman with a welding machine"  Vietnam 2016

I firmly believe that a piece of furniture should transcend mere functionality; it should evoke emotions, memories, and feelings. And that's precisely what I aim to achieve with every artwork and furniture piece. My creative journey is a perpetual exploration, drawing upon the plethora of experiences and emotions that have shaped me. I invite you to delve into my world, where the essence of my travels, life's moments, and profound emotions converge into transformative pieces of art. Come visit me in my Studio or at one of my exhibitions, and together, let's celebrate the boundless beauty of inspiration and artistry.


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2021   Nominated for the Formforum Masterpiecetalent Prize, Bern Switzerland


2022   Studio opening - Bolliger Studio, Brunnmattstrasse 12 Baden

2021   XOXO - Art meets Design Exhibition, Druckerei Baden


2023   Southampton Fine Art Fair, New York, USA

2023   Salone del Mobile, Salone Satellite, Milano IT

2021   Collectors Club Exhibition, LORA Restaurant Basel CH

2021   Formforum Ateliertage, NEEDS! Needs? CH

2021   Galerie 1489 Baden, Switzerland CH

2020   Fuori Salone, Milano Italy. Representing the swiss design district (Digital, Covid) IT

2020   Artbox Galerie Project 2.0, Zurich Switzerland CH



2023   Hochparterre, Architektur Magazin

2023   Raum und Wohnen Magazin, Switzerland

2023   Espazium Magazin, Switzerland

2023   Faces Magazine, Switzerland

2021   Raum und Wohnen Magazin, Switzerland

2021   Faces Lifestyle Magazie, Switzerland

2021   Wohnrevue Magazine, Switzerland

2021   Das Ideale Heim Magazin, Switzerland

2021   Meter Magazin, Switzerland

2021   Badener Tagblatt, Switzerland

2021   Rundschau Nord und Süd, Switzerland

2021   Brugger Generalanzeiger, Switzerland

2021   Reussbote, Switzerland

2020   Mis Magazin, Switzerland


2022 - Today   Part time, Project manager at mb martin bruggisser AG

2018 - 2022     Part time, Carpenter with focus on furniture and installation at Barnetta AG

2017 - 2018     Mountain Apartment Conversion Davos, Private Client

2014 - 2017     Carpenter with focus on furniture at Bruggisser AG

2010 - 2014     Aprenticeship in Carpentry at Bruggisser AG


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