NEEDS! needs?

Nominated for the Formforum Masterpiece Price 2021

"I would give my life for this bag"

"This bag is everything"

"All you need is this"

"I neeed!!!"

A powerfull and expressive furniture about the needs of us humans


12 & 13 JUNE 2021

Druckerei Baden

An art and design exhibition by Fabian Bolliger in the heart of Baden Switzerland on June the 12th & 13th 2021. View his works of the last two years spread on three floors.

12 & 13 JUNE 2021

Druckerei Baden

Midnight City Shades appeared in the Mis Magazin

Meet me at the Tatasachen Baden fair in November

27.11.2020 - 29.11.2020

Cancelled / Covid19

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Interview for the Digital Design Week Milano on

Art or Design, is there a border between the two?


They are actually two different things. While in design, functionality in everyday use plays a major role, in art the message and the pure self-realization of the artist is usually important. But I don't see a border between the two. Both are almost boundless. Perhaps design is even a little more predictable. But why not combine the predictable with the unpredictable?

Limited edition or Unique piece, design is also choosing this path and some trade events are more and more proposing this concept, what do you think of that?


I myself am a very big fan of unique pieces or a limited edition. Practically all my room equipment consists of unique pieces. Okay, I am a carpenter myself. But still, for me, the less there is of a piece, the more unique it is. Additionally, limited editions or unique pieces usually show a high level of quality. Also in points like choice of material and production there is less saving and many other aspects than only the profit are considered. In addition, the furniture is valued much more because of the slightly higher price and the high level of individuality and quality.

Which is your source of inspiration?

I claim that our brain is very much inspired by external influences without us really noticing it. So some of my works go so far back into childhood that I never imagined that at some point this would serve as inspiration for my works today. For many other works I am inspired by stories, cultures, the people around me and the general world situation. But my most important source of inspiration are my journeys, which I was allowed to experience. I experienced feelings and situations in a completely different way and looked at many things from a completely new perspective.

How did you develop your technical skills? What kind of education did you receive in this regard?


The 4 years of carpenter training in Switzerland have certainly laid the foundation of my skills. Afterwards, there were many attempts and also many failed attempts, which brought me to new methods or from which I could learn and improve myself. Various job changes and independent house conversions, which promoted my manual dexterity and experience in general. And last but not least it was certainly the various journeys on which I got to know one or the other technique. Apart from that, for me too, it's often simply: lets see how this works.

In which way do you think your work is evolving in the coming years? Which are the areas in which you would like to work?


In the coming years my work will be shown mainly nationally and internationally at various fairs and art exhibitions. I will definitely keep my style and guarantee the best possible combination of art and design. Nevertheless, due to the fact that there are various small series design products in the queue, I would not be averse to moving towards an independent and own design brand.

“Fabian Bolliger joined enthusiastically our virtual pavilion at the Digital Design Milan Week. We selected him because its work is a brilliant expression of new contemporary Swiss design. Its combination of art and functionality attracted interest from a very heterogeneous public. We look forward to collaborating with Fabian on future projects”

Commercial Office of the Swiss Consulate in Milan,

Mariano Spagnoli

Representing the Swiss Design District at the Milano Design Week for


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